CE Certification


The CE certification (which is mandatory by law dated 1st March 2009 for this type of products) confirms that the prefinished bamboo parquets complies with European CE standards; and from 1st July 2013 under EU regulation no. 305/2011 for the construction of products, which supersedes the former European Directive 89/106; in particular, reference standards (EN 14342:2005 + A1:2008) require a statement of the following features: specific weight and thickness of the material; fire reaction category (a minimum class Dfl-s1, which allows for installation in private surroundings; class Cfl-s1 is required for public surroundings); category E1 formaldehyde emissions (the standard requires that the product emits no more than 0.124 mg HCHO / m3 of air; the formaldehyde emitted by our parquet is considerably below this threshold, 0.015 mg HCHO / m3 of air); thermal conductivity (fixed by the weight and material dimensions); biological durability, this is the material’s perishability, ranging from class 5 (the most perishable) to class 1 (the least perishable). A summary chart can be found below.


Test type Required levels Value detected Standards
Volume mass and thickness 500 kg/m3, 10-15 mm 700 kg/m3, 10-15 mm EN 14342:2005 + A1:2008
Reaction to fire Dfl-s1 Cfl-s1
(required for public areas)
EN 13501-1
Formaldehyde emissions E1 E1 EN 717-1 and 2
Thermal conductivity 0,17 W/m°K 0,17 W/m°K EN 335-1 and 2
Biological durability Class 1 – Class 5 Class 1 EN 335-1 and 2
Pentachlorophenol content < 5 ppm < 5 ppm EN 14342:2005 + A1:2008



Parquet for normal use Parquet for use with under floor heating