DELIVERY  delivery parquet

  • We are able to deliver goods from our warehouse in Turin all over Italy or throughout Europe by using courier lorries, whether this be to companies, worksites, or private premises;
  • delivery will be made by the roadside using a semi-equipped hydraulic shaft; if the order is smaller than 25 m2, then it will be unloaded by hand without a hydraulic shaft; under these circumstances, everything will be agreed upon prior to delivery;
  • if required, you can book the level delivery service which incurs an extra charge to be agreed separately, and this can be done by specifying the storey number and whether or not there is a lift available;
  • all deliveries are estimated following prior arrangement by telephone;
  • Bamboo pallet handlingwith regards to delivery times, the bamboo parquet will be delivered within three days in Northern Italy, four days in Central and Southern Italy, and within five days on the islands.

Alternatively, you can pick up any ordered goods from our warehouse, with the appropriate means: for example, 30 m2 of parquet weight 325 kg, 70 m2 weighing 760 kg, 120 m2 weighing 1 tonne and 300 kg (1,300 kg).