Treating and Cleaning the parquet for indoor use


The prefinished Pavibamboo parquet is already intended to be easy to clean and to be particularly resistant to wear and tear. In order for it to glean for decades, we recommend that you take some simple advice given all solid wood flooring is normally being used.


  • Clean the entire surface once the flooring has been laid;
  • then it is a case of regular cleaning being key to keeping the flooring in attic bamboo flooring romepristine condition for many years. It is therefore advisable to clean it using a vacuum or to sweep a broom across the surface to remove any corpuscles which may cause it damage on a regular basis, depending on the traffic using the flooring;
  • wooden flooring operates from natural ambient moisture regulators; when the surrounding area is dry, the wood releases any moisture inside it, which helps to make the ambient air less dry (for example using heating during the winter); when the surroundings are very humid, the wood absorbs any moisture and withholds it inside, which helps to make the air drier (for example when it is hot and humid outside during summertime). This is an excellent feature of wooden flooring; only the wood itself actually helps the indoor surroundings maintain a more or less constant level of humidity. The problem may arise when open space flooring renovationthe surrounding area is too humid (meaning the wood can still absorb any excess moisture, but it swells up too much), or when it is too arid (meaning that the wood continues to release any moisture inside it, forcing it to dry out and crack). The conduct of the flooring varies from species to species, however in any event, we would always advise to keep humidity levels within a certain percentage of between 35% and 60% throughout the year;
  • be careful to ensure that thesurrounding area remains adequately ventilated and change the air inside the rooms from time to time; even the parquets need to breathe;
  • do not let any type of liquids smother the bamboo hardwood for any amount of time necessary when removing them;
  • just like all hardwood flooring, bamboo can be reconditioned after several years if required.


There is no such thing as scratch proof wooden flooring, however by taking these small steps you can significantly reduce the likelihood and frequency of scratches:

  • position a carpet outside and inside the exterior door to avoid any harmful pebbles from entering inside;
  • apply a series of small felt pads under the chairs, tables, armchairs or sofas to prevent the floor from slipping;
  • try to lift them rather than dragging them across the surface when moving any furniture or heavy objects, or drag them by putting something soft underneath their feet; no parquet is able to withstand furniture being dragged without it leaving a few lines behind.


  • avoid cleaning it with water as the wood will be damaged and do not even use soap, ammonia or other products used on non-wooden surfaces;
  • instead of this you should use the appropriate Bona Spray Mop which is available from the warehouse for the routine treatment of bamboo flooring; this is a product which has been designed specifically for prefinished hardwood parquets; do not dilute it, but use it neat instead;

Watch the cleaning video

  • should any oil, paint, lipstick, ink, tar stains or anything else soil the parquet, then remove all of these promptly using a drop of alcohol tipped onto a dry cloth; you can then remove any residue using a soft, slightly damp cloth;
  • steam cleaning is not recommended;
  • you do not need to use any wax;
  • it is possible to clean the floor by simply using a small amount of water and neutral detergent, it is important that the cleaning cloth is very well wrung and that any moisture which forms on the parquet during cleaning evaporates almost immediately;
  • do not use any low-quality supermarket cleaning products, as some are detrimental to the parquet.

A GLEANING GUARANTEE FOR THE FLOORING’S ENTIRE SERVICE LIFE: in this respect, it is important for you to know that the Pavibamboo parquet is prefinished at the factory using ecological products from the Swedish manufacturer Bona, a global leader in wooden surface finishes. The Scandinavian company – whose sales network exists throughout Italy – offers a lifetime support (Bona Lifetime Support) for your Pavibamboo parquet: it is in fact a gleaning guarantee for the flooring’s entire service life, provided it is always treated with Bona products. Among other things for instance, it is possible to restore a worn surface without using any abrasive machinery, or applying additional protective film. Please visit to use Bona products and take advantage of this

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