A number of customers wanted to express their opinion after laying; some of the comments can be found below:

November 2016

“Our bamboo parquet is really gorgeous. We opted for floating laying, which makes the flooring more flexible and more natural. It is ideal for us, because we love walking barefoot and we have two daughters, one of them is two years old, and she jumps and rolls around on the floor all day. We have had it laid all over the house, even in the bathroom, after having received some extremely positive feedback from specialist technicians and retailers in terms of moisture and the resistance to hardness. The aesthetic effect of bamboo is what we were looking for in our home. The unusual feature of the grains creates movement and a depth which is different to that of wood. It is more natural and less demanding. Dr. Peracchio proved to be a courteous and serious professional, delivery was made without any issues, as was the laying phase which we completed personally ourselves.”

Chiara Luccianti – Florence

87 m2 carbonised vertical

May 2015

“Proud, enthusiastic and satisfied with my carbonised horizontal bamboo parquet! Thank you Lorenzo for the swiftness even when it came to fixing glitches!!”

Cecilia Laurenza – Rome

46 m2 carbonised horizontal

April 2015

“A fantastic parquet. We purchased the dark style “tempered/strand woven bamboo” from Pavibamboo, which is really superb. It was used throughout the sleeping area, including the bathrooms (an operation covering approx. 50 m2). There were no issues with the delivery or materials: we also purchased a skirting board and the threshold alongside the parquet.
The excellent European certifications for material used by Pavibamboo was also crucial.
The fantastic work carried out by Dr. Peracchio who was always available and very friendly!”

Giovanni Pacchioni – Milan

58 m2 carbonised tempered for heated screed

July 2014

“Le parquet est enfin posé dans la salle d’exposition à Alboussière (FRANCE) ! Le rendu est magnifique et la qualité du son pour les concerts n’en est que meilleure ! Merci Pavibamboo ! Nous sommes ravis ! — presso Domaine LE Trouillet.”

Roberta le Trouillet – France

156 m2 natural tempered and carbonised for heated screed

Since May 2014

“Fantastic service efficiency with regards to material types, the timing of submitting tenders, and the on-site delivery of material which has been ordered.”

Arch. Massimiliano Zappa – Lamone – Switzerland

243 m2 various types

January 2014

“I have had bamboo flooring throughout the house for around two years, including in the bathroom and kitchen. I like to look at it because its warm colour and the obvious trunk knots, it is easy to keep it clean and any water (in the bathroom and kitchen) did not even cause minimal damage. It has given the home colour and warmth.”

Dr. Adriana Gino – Turin

78 m2 carbonised horizontal

September 2012

“I have been very happy since installing the bamboo parquet I purchased.” I saw my cousin who lives in Tuscany try it for the first time, he spoke well of it, and we then also had to relocate yet now I have to say that I’m very happy to clean it and that it is not at all delicate. We have now had it in the room for two years and I, along with my husband and our children cause it a lot of hassle but it still seems like new. Not to mention the fact that it has cost a fraction more than half of a wooden parquet.”

Dr. Katia Celestino – Rome

174 m2 natural vertical

Since March 2011

“The first time I came across bamboo flooring, I remembered the most unusual of things: it doesn’t form part of our DNA, but what does the customer think of suggesting bamboo parquets instead of iroque, or walnut etc. It’s complete nonsense! the bamboo flooring has represented and continues to represent no alternative bit a genuine first choice for both my clients and for myself: it is aesthetically beautiful, durable, and of high quality. Furthermore, I must add that Mr. Lorenzo is not only highly competent, but above all he is helpful and kind. For me, he is both a serious and reliable professional”

Paolo Menino, M. Eng. – Asti

204 m2 various types

Since July 2010

“I used a Pavibamboo natural vertical bamboo parquet for the first time in 2010 so that I could replenish flooring of around 150 m2 in an open-plan office space. Although I was initially concerned about is durability (its resistance to scratches) due to being used in a work environment, the same floor appears to be in excellent condition and the customers are very satisfied, even several years on. I find that besides it being environmentally friendly material, with both bio-building certifications and it being both a specific and aesthetically pleasing material, it is also affordable at a sensible price when compared to the high quality which it offers.
For these reasons and for the reliability of the vendor, who is always accurate in terms of orders and deliveries, I have been choosing these since 2010 and I had the opportunity to use it several times with all of its finishing alternatives for my interior projects and renovations, and with maximum results.”

Arch. Mauro Santagostino – Turin

315 m2 various types