Introducing the material


In nature, it is possible that no material like bamboo offers such a wide range of uses: the Orientals know it well, and just as it is today it is used in: food, clothing and textiles in general, construction material for scaffolding and furniture, medicine, umbrellas, all kinds of utensils, tracing paper, musical instruments, and much more.bamboo forest

In more simple terms, we at Pavibamboo – know China and its woodlands, and have been using the plant as a natural raw material for years – we can offer it as a parquet; thanks to its hardness and its superb mechanical properties, it is possible to extract particularly elegant and sturdy flooring from the bamboo plant.

Did you know that there are around 1,250 different species of bamboo in the world, 300 of which only exist in China? Among them is the most suitable variety for flooring which is Phyllostachys Pubescens (commonly known as Moso or Mao Bamboo), which offers the best quality for parquet thanks to its durability and fine grains; it is a real tree, twenty metres in height and which has a diameter of 25-30 cm.

It is ready for cutting in just five years, and you can choose a parquet made from a fully renewable resource. In fact, bamboo is not a wood but a graminaceous plant, and it grows spontaneously without pesticides and without any need for it to be planted; its regrowth cycle is much quicker than that of the forests from which common wood comes.bamboo culms

See why bamboo is an environmentally friendly type of flooring

This means that it becomes possible to lay flooring inside your house, whose background puts you at ease; other woods are great, however in some cases, they are not replaced or it is difficult to replace them.

Here is the secret of why the costs are so competitive. This is why in many countries around the world it is considered to be a consolidated reality (especially in America, France, Spain, Germany, England, Poland, Romania, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Canada, South Africa).

By choosing bamboo flooring, you will know (and touch with your hands) a modern and elegant base element for your home’s decor. And for your professional space too.

Should you wish to delve deeper into this subject, then we recommend watching this interview at Dr. Lorenzo Peracchio from Wellness & Living.