Wooden or Bamboo


The prefinished bamboo parquet is a happy synthesis of beauty, convenience and cost efficiency. Our customers are our best form of promotion. vertical bamboo parquetThose who have already chosen bamboo flooring – for their own home, office, or for a room which is used frequently – can recognise the essential qualities. And he/she will advise their friends, relatives and acquaintances who are seeking both an aesthetic and practical solution.

There are 8 reasons why you should choose bamboo flooring:

1. ITS NATURAL BEAUTY: bamboo is an entirely natural product; all of our parquets have a pure noble core without adding any other run of the mill woods or surface dyes; this will make your home surroundings both cosy and restful, as well as healthy. As a natural material, the touch is fresh in the summer time and warm in the winter.

2. IT IS EXTREMELY RESISTANT TO SCRATCHES: bamboo has a hardness which is superior to most common parquet wood and it has excellent mechanical properties (durable andflooring resistant to all stains lightweight – it is also known as “natural steel” -, it has a high elasticity modulus, low retention, and incredible levels of stability); all of this results in durable flooring which is always beautiful and and means you needn’t worry about any continuous stripes or scratches.

3. ITS PRICE: convenience is a key aspect when it comes to choosing the final flooring. Bamboo flooring of the same quality is less expensive than classic solid wood hardwood floors, merely because the raw material regenerates itself spontaneously.

4. RESISTANT TO STAINS AND LIQUIDS: a bamboo parquet is easy to clean and tends not to absorb any dirt; in fact, the special finish from the Swedish brand BONA protects your flooring from the majority of stains caused by liquids such as coffee, oil, vinegar, etc. Test it out with the samples we will send to you! To keep it looking as if it is new, you can use a simple broom or a vacuum cleaner, and the usual mop (VERY well wrung with a neutral detergent). Do not use any wax.

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 bathroom made with natural bamboo

5. IT IS ECOLOGICAL: with zero deforestation, bamboo is a graminaceous grass which grows spontaneously: no trees will be felled when it comes to producing your flooring! We are even the only company in Italy to whom Greenpeace has awarded a rating of 10 out of 10 for certified sources and the low environmental impact of the material ( We do in fact use raw materials from forests which have been managed responsibly (FSC) and we use European adhesives and finishes throughout production which help create a cleaner and more healthy living environment for both you and your family.

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6. IT IS MOISTURE RESISTANT: bamboo is distinguished by the fact it is highly resistant to moisture and has little known antibacterial properties (from moth and mould tests, antiallergic).

7. ITS STABILITY: if worked with properly, this material has remarkable stability; this means that the hardwood floor has a better contrast in terms of natural expansion and contraction when compared to other wood, which is due to variations in moisture or temperature.

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8. IT IS FIRE RESISTANT: bamboo combustion has a longer initiation time compared to other woods, and it only generates flames at very high temperatures; do not worry if a cigarette but falls on a board: not only will it not burn, but there will not be any stains either.

Stylish, eco-sustainable, innovative, it is now fully appreciated in Italy.