Member of GBC Italia

MEMBER OF GBC ITALIApavibamboo-member-gbcitalia-2

GBC Italia, which is an acronym for Green Building Council Italia, forms part of the international network which can be found in many countries around the world; GBC Italia is a non-profit association, which looks after all of the professional figures in Italy and all activities associated with the LEED certification of buildings; it also works in collaboration pavibamboo-gbc-italia-membership-500x354with institutions in order to promote a building culture which allows people to live in a more healthy environment, with little impact on the environment and with far less expensive property management expenditure. Those who care about sustainable buildings globally refer to LEED protocols for the design, construction, and for both the sustainable and efficient management of a building. Because Pavibamboo is dealing with a product which aids in acquiring LEED points in relation to a certified building, it has been a member of GBC Italia since 2012, and forms part of the network of companies – businesses, limited companies, major professional businesses, public bodies – all of whom deal with sustainable buildings within their own sector. Today, there are more than 45,000 buildings which have been LEED certified around the world, and 43,000 are in the process of becoming certified.

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