Pavibamboo Warranty

Lope Trading guarantees the quality of the supply by following the rule of art, in accordance with the technical specifications indicated in the commercial offer. Since bamboo is always varied in its appearance and color, anomalies or alterations attributable to the natural morphological or organoleptic features of the material used will be tolerated. The bamboo parquet is “grade A”, namely it has the lowest degree of difference between the boards; however – since it is a natural material – some slight differences between them will be possible, without this giving rise to complaints. From the date of delivery, Lope Trading will fix any flaws that occur within 20 (twenty) years for residential use or within 5 (five) years for commercial use. Once laid, normal wear and tear on the floor and decking is excluded from the warranty, as well as possible but normal color changes due to direct sunlight.

The Customer shall notify Lope Trading of any flaws occurred within 2 (two) months since their discovery, under penalty of forfeiture. If the flaw can cause damage, the notification will be carried out immediately. Notification and complaints must contain a precise description of the flaw and must be sent to Lope Trading by email. Lope Trading may request the return, at its own expense, of the replaced defective products, which will become its property. The laying of the product as well as the inspection of the product and of the suitability of the place where the parquet will be laid, even if carried out by an individual suggested by Lope Trading, is charged to and responsibility of the Customer. The check of the slates before laying is used to avoid the laying of defective slates; therefore, complaints will not be accepted after laying or after following treatments. Lope Trading declines all responsibility if the laying and maintenance of the bamboo flooring are not carried out according to the advice given on the site or on the catalogue, or if it is placed in unsuitable premises or for an inappropriate usage. If Lope Trading recognizes as effectively defective the supply object of the contract or a part of it, it will fix the flaw by replacing the defective product without charges for the Customer, in accordance with the law. On the contrary, after experts’ appraisals, if the flaw is proved to be unfounded, the Customer will refund Lope Trading all the borne expenses.


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