Why us?


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1. Superb resistance to surface wear and tear

By treating its prefinished parquet with ecological Swedish BONA NATURAL UV COMMERCIAL opaque, which has been studied for high volume public locations, Pavibamboo can offer the best on the market in terms of impact resistance, and resistance to routine wear and tear, which is far in excess of the requirements for standard domestic use; moreover, the Bona Natural finish gives the flooring the most natural appearance possible, almost as if it has not been treated, and its opacity hides the most severe or lines and scratches as much as possible.

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2. FSC certification

In addition to compulsory labelling (compliant with European legislation), Pavibamboo is one of the handful of companies in Italy to have been awarded FSC® certification (responsible use of forest property). We are in fact the only Italian company to have achieved a 10/10 score from Greenpeace in relation to certified sources and the material’s low environmental impact.

3. Very low VOC emissions

In Italy there aren’t a huge number companies which can sell wooden flooring with such a low output of Volatile Organic Compounds: only 268 µg of TVOC per m3 of air compared to the minimum of 1,000 µg required to be awarded the French Class A+; all of which contributes to maintaining good indoor air quality when a Pavibamboo bamboo flooring has been laid.

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4. Stability and solidity

Stability is achieved by allowing the material to rest for a considerable period after each processing phase; this translates into a stable flooring which firms up over time; the solidity is obtained by using heavier bamboo boards than normal, which are assembled from a raw material cut after between five and six years; this results in higher hardness and strength levels, and also provides greater stability of the entire flooring; this aspect is particularly important when it comes to ensuring that the bamboo hardwood has a long service life.

5. Quality

Production from one of the few Chinese factories which is able to manufacture bamboo flooring according to the most stringent high-quality standards with state of the art equipment and a wealth of experience, gained by the American NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association), which possesses CE, FSC, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certifications; the raw material chosen by Pavibamboo includes the best maturation, and the production line uses German, Dutch and Taiwanese machine tools, while the environmentally friendly finishes are provided by the world’s best brands (Dutch Akzo Nobel and Finnish adhesives, Swedish Bona finish); we also personally carry out quality control checks, during the processing phase, and always do so before dispatching the material.

6. Aesthetics

The Pavibamboo parquet is always first choice; what does this mean? It means which is the best, most regular raw material aged over five years, which ensures superb resistance and stability; first choice also means the most minute difference in colour between one axle and the other; once it has been laid, the bamboo parquet even boasts enthusiasm for its beauty and its elegance.bamboo flooring renovation

7. Gleaning guarantee for the entire flooring service life

The Pavibamboo bamboo flooring is prefinished in the factory using ecological Swedish BONA products, a global leader in wooden floor finishes; the BONA product sales network exists throughout Italy and offers the so-called BONA LIFE TIME SUPPORT, a lifetime support for your Pavibamboo parquet and a gleaning guarantee for your flooring if treated with BONA products. In order to benefit from this, you are welcome to use the BONA product range for treating your parquet; by doing so, your bamboo parquet will last for several decades. Please visit for further details