classic bamboo and nature bamboo with adhesive


Instructions for the floor layerer

A bamboo parquet is laid just like any other hardwood flooring; bamboo is extremely durable flooring if it is installed correctly.

The professional floor layerer (whom you are advised should read these instructions) must be careful to ensure that the parquet does not get damp, either before or during the installation.


(most commonly used laying method): for laying, we recommend you use non-water based adhesives; we suggest you use dual component or single component polyurethane adhesives. Refer to the adhesive data sheet for details of how to use it properly.

– begin the installation from the outside wall to the inner wall, and position the axles parallel to the longest wall of the room, leaving a gap between the wood and all of the walls (this includes any vertically fixed objects such as pipes) of at least 1 cm; for this reason, use wooden wedges which will be removed 24-36 hors after the laying has been finished and when the adhesive is completely dry;

– the first row of axles being laid must have the female joint facing the wall;

– spread it as far as possible and position the axles over the entire surface of the adhesive immediately whilst making sure that the boards do not move around on the adhesive and that they remain accurately aligned; for this type of laying, please do not apply any adhesive in between the male-female joint;

– the adhesive must be spread evenly over no less than 80% of the surface, therefore it is not advisable to squeeze the adhesive on individual surface points; spread the glue perpendicularly in the direction of how it is being laid and form an eight sided shape design using the appropriate spatula, so that the adhesive incorporates any dust which exists on the laying surface;

– then spread the axles over the flooring as you would like them to appear as a final arrangement and mix the different colour shades as you require;

– walk on or press the axles so that the axles are the under floor are in as close contact as possible;

– any adhesive residues remaining on the parquet surface should be removed instantly, because once they solidify it becomes difficult to remove them without damaging the surface finish;

– position the offset axles at least 30 cm apart from each other. Finally, attach the skirting board to the wall;

– at this stage you should fully clean the floor and allow the room to air properly;

– the floor is ready to be walked on 24-36 hours after it has been laid.


– it wants a feeling of greater solidity under the feet;

– it thinks it is retaining a parquet for decades and believes it will be rebladed after several years; this process is easier with bonded flooring;

– it does not want to see any expansion joints between one setting and another;

– it must be laid on a floor heating system;

– for laying inside a bathroom.