FSC: what is it?


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The FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) is the most authoritative non-governmental global organisation which handles forests and woodlands responsibly across all continents, thanks to participation from indigenous communities, woodland owners, the timber industry, along with derivatives, scientists, technicians and environmentalists. FSC certification confirms that the bamboo flooring originates from an original FSC certified forest; this means that it is managed in a responsible manner in accordance with stringent environmental, social, and economic standards.

The FSC certification which is awarded to a company confirms its affiliation to a material monitoring chain which moves from the forest to the final ring of the chain prior to reaching the end consumer; the correct name of this fact is the “chain of custody”; or if we are to give a summary of events, it identifies that the raw material has originated from an entire forest FSC product groupscertified according to FSC standards, namely that the woodland forest resources are drawn upon at normal speed, it has respect for the correct tree density, the plant is cut at the correct moment an dis replaced if it is a species which does not grow individually as is the case with bamboo, while it also pays particular attention to the demands of the local population, etc.. The raw material which stems from the forest is passes to the customer’s factor, who in turn has been certified to process this type of material; Pavibamboo, who deals directly with the factory and who is a direct importer, is the next ring in the chain of custody.

Pavibamboo – FSC certified company since 2009
Note: to find out if a company is FSC certified you must check the online Forest Stewardship Council database by visiting; Pavibamboo’s certificate number is ICILA-COC-000297.

Moreover, the fact that a company is FSC certified does not mean that it deals exclusively with certified material; it can also deal with “normal” material; to find out if it is an FSC certified material, you must first of all check the product sheet; the material samples should bear the FSC number along with the certificate number; this can also be found on sales documents such as the order confirmation, quotes, delivery notes, invoices etc., the certified material must always be clearly identified.

Have a look at a sample invoice with FSC references

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