Company History and Mission



We have been importing high quality hardwood bamboo flooring from the People’s Republic or China since 2008; Both for reasons associated with forestry resources, and for technological reasons. China is more or less the only producer of bamboo flooring throughout the world.

We deal direct, without any intermediaries or agents, and with just two producers, who developed the technology for bamboo manufacturing in the early 1990s, and who have vast knowledge and experience in processing this type of material.

Bamboo flooring is produced for us in accordance with our specifications; the most important are as follows:lorenzo

  1. material sourced from the FSC certified forest;
  2. selection of the best material in a manner which makes it possible to manufacture top-rate boards;
  3. articulate axis construction, correct drying and resting times for the material to ensure the planks remain as stable as possible;
  4. the use of European adhesives (Dutch Akzo Nobel and Finnish Dynea), which ensure very low emissions of harmful VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) into the environment;
  5. relative moisture of the wood being monitored depending on its end usage (whether or nit is being used on a floor heating system);
  6. use of the German profiling machine Hornag so that the slates being installed fit perfectly;
  7. and finally, parquet board surface treatment using the Swedish ecological Bona finish.

Production is always followed up either by us or by specialist members of staff who are present on-site, with a final inspection of the goods before they are loaded onto the container.

The goods are shipped via sea, and will arrive at our warehouse in Turin after approximately one month; the hardwood floor and its accessories are then dispatched via lorry to the end customer in Italy, Switzerland, France or to other European countries within four or five days.


The company Pavibamboo was founded in 2008 following the discovery of a parquet manufactured from bamboo cane during a business trip to China back in 2005. This type of flooring really was much to Dr. Peracchio (the owner)’s linking, because of its beauty and its originality.

Initial research showed that bamboo is immediately characterised as a different type of flooring: a) it is not made from wooden material in the traditional sense, however, it is produced exclusively from a very large and resistant cane, Mao Bamboo, which can reproduce itself in five years instead of thirty, b) it is an even more resistant type of flooring than standard wooden floors, c) and all of this comes at a more affordable price, especially when considering the medium to high type of product.

This handful of, albeit basic elements led us to make a final choice to open up a business exclusively dedicated to selling this type of flooring in Italy, which was already well-established in other countries around the world such as the United States, France, Spain, Germany, Poland, South Korea, Japan, Australia, etc.

The years which followed 2005 were devoted to knowledge and to an in-depth study of the industry: raw materials, processing stages, features of the species in general, and specifically in relation to flooring, searching for suppliers, acquiring a network of knowledge within well motivated companies, making contact with certified laboratories with hauliers, or in a nutshell, with all of those genuine companies which make it possible to manufacture, market, and transport the bamboo slates directly to the end customer’s address, whether it be to an individual, an office, a restaurant, or to a shop etc.

The search of the right factories in China (around 25 visits) has been long, tiring and particularly interesting (visiting factories is on going to stay updated), with relocations to large countries and a growing understanding of how this material is produced properly, which was made all the more straightforward thanks to Dr. Peracchio’s knowledge of the Chinese language. It was however, rewarding come the end, because today Pavibamboo is pleased to be able to offer one of the best types of bamboo flooring made from the ultimate products in China.

Lorenzo Bar, President of the Italian Bamboo Association




1Benefitting from and paying attention to the environment are not mutually exclusive; we wish to do business which starts from a resource (bamboo) and whose use as flooring does not damage the forests and all of us human beings. We have the ambition to remain a constant point of reference for those seeking the best quality bamboo slates. Our preparation on the subject shows real commitment and genuine passion for this multifaceted material, and wishes to make it available to anyone who wants answers about its features and usage.

We distinguish ourselves by paying specific attention to the sustainability of the material and to the “ecological” certifications in which we pride ourselves:
– bamboo in itself is already a material which has minimal impact on the environment, however we can provide further reassurance: all of the culms which turn into axles stem from woodland which has been processed in accordance with stringent FSC standards, meaning the material is 100% FSC certified;
– the process and the materials being used (adhesives, finishes etc.) are of a particular quality, which allows us to brand our products with Class A VOC French Regulation.

Considering that parquet flooring is a once in a lifetime outlay, and requires more than mere satisfaction, we want to be the company whom people appreciate, and who look for quality above anything else, albeit without losing sight of the final price, which must remain competitive in comparison to other solutions of a similar nature.